Secure Way To Trade Digital Assets
Web3 is an infrastructure made to break down borders and create a way for peers to transact across the world. Those infrastructures need tools to facilitate safe and secure transactions. SwapUp aims to be that, and more. Our platform is a safe and secure way to transact digital assets peer-to-peer. Providing utility to owners, and a tool to transact safely, we aim to be a user-friendly tool made for all peer-to-peer transactions in web3.
The Process is simple
The SwapUp process incorporates smart contract technology to make a safe, secure, and trustless process for web3 users to trade digital assets. When users agree on terms of the trade, at last approval the assets are transfered through a smart contract, to the appropriate wallets, all in a trustless process. This method allows users to trade digital assets peer-to-peer more securely. Find that forever NFT, trade for the full value, or maximize their portfolio’s collector value through our tools.
Key Developement Roadmap
Launch Site
ERC721 and 1155 Smart Contract
dApp Enhancements
API Enhancements
Community Development
Tokenomics Whitepaper
Tokenomics Launch
Fee Collector Launch
CRONOS Smart Contract
Website Enhancements
dApp Enhancements
Launch New P2P Tool
MarketPlace Launch
Future Chain
API Enhancements
Website Enhancements
Launch New P2P Tool
Website Enhancements
dApp Enhancements
Project Utility
Web3 is a great space to be in. The landscape is consistintly evolving, and the opportunities are endless for people across the world. With all the good, there is the bad, and trading peer to peer has never been a safe and encouraging process. SwapUp is a tool that provides a safe, secure, and trustless solution to trade digital assets Peer-to-Peer.
When used in the correct way, blockchain technology allows users from all over the world to interact with each other in a trustless manner. Trading assets Peer-to-Peer is not one of them. SwapUp lets you trade in a trustless manner using smart contracts. We provide the avenue for you to trade with your peers in an easy and secure way, so you know trades are completed at the same time.
Web 3 Value
We believe in building a business for web3, with web3 principles. Those principles guide why we build, who we build for, and our long term goals. Our plans are big, but so are the possibiliites. As we build, enjoy the tools we’ve created for you, come hang out in our communities, grow with us and enjoy the rewards.
Join our community
For our community members, we look to have places they can rely on for help, hang out with other swappers, and get value out of our exclusive memberships. Come check out all the features we have throughout all our media sites, and NFT lands we have available for our members to hang out in.
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